Is It Wise To Monitor the Employees?

Starting a company is a wise thing. It is more important to run the company wisely and safely. Each company would set a target every quarterly or half yearly. It is important to achieve the target by the fixed time. The quality of the product also matters. The client would not be satisfied if the target and the quality is not achieved by the fixed time. Hence it becomes a must for a company to appoint efficient staff.

The staff may be efficient but it is natural for a person to get diverted from the work allotted and get involved in small chit chats. It is not possible for a person to sit before the computer or do a certain work all day long. Companies understand the employee’s difficulties and allot certain time gap for a break. Employees can take a break even between their works but the break should not be so long that it affects the productivity.

It can be difficult for the employer to monitor each employee’s activities. It would not be professional for an employer to go and say to an employee that he is not utilising the company’s resource properly. A simple installation of the employee monitor software would do well. When the employees are known that their activities are monitored, it would force them to concentrate on the job rather than wasting their time.

More on employee monitor:  As technology grows, more software are introduced to the comfort of everyone. We have introduced software that helps the employer to keep track of the employee’s activities. It can be easily installed on all machines and the activities on those machines can be tracked from a server, which the employer can monitor. All the activities of the employee from the keyboard stroke to the internet access can be tracked efficiently. Find out keylogger for mac here.

Advantages on using Employee monitor: There are many advantages of installing the employee monitoring software. Some of the advantages are

  • Improve performance of the employee:  As the software tracks all the activities of employee, the employer can know more about the employee’s work. It is possible for the employer to know how the employee deals with an issue. He can take a note on the area where the employee lags and can address it directly to the employee during the feedback session.

Every employee would expect a note of appreciation for their work done. It would boost their quality and amount of work they do. The tool can be used at its best to know the strengths of the employee. The employer can utilise the software to take snapshots of the employee’s work and use it to reward him for his work.

  • Data Theft: This software can help you to save data from being stolen. An employer may unknowingly send important data to a third party. In other words, the malware and spyware thefts are more common in a system that is connected to the internet. An unnecessary third party cookie may get installed in the machine and send data to the outside world secretly.  This software may track such theft and stops the data being sent.

There is also a possibility of an employee knowingly send data to a third party. In other words, an employee may wantedly steal certain important information. In such cases, the employer can catch him with a snapshot as proof.
Certain employee may like to work on software at home and try to steal the software with license. Though the employee does not do a crime, it is illegal. The employer can track such employees and warn them not to do such things.

  • Improve company’s productivity:  It is better for the employer to inform the employees about monitoring. This simple information may make an employee to be alert during the office hours and force him to do his work properly. This may stop the employees from watching ‘NSFW’ Not safe for work sites and chatting over  mails. When the employees stop their unwanted works and start to concentrate on the work, it automatically improves the company’s productivity.
Apart from the advantages, there are also certain disadvantages on using employee monitor’s software. Installing such software in all machines may make the employee to lose their privacy. They may feel less comfortable to work. But the employee has to understand that they have to utilise the company’s resources wisely and accept monitoring the system as safe from company’s point of view. Hence one can clearly understand that it is a wise practice to monitor the employees.